Group Event

2024 New Year Blessings

Congratulations to Yingkai, Sunlin, and Tianyi for winning the Excellence Award in the Digital Innovation Experiment Design Competition

On July 15, 2023, the first Digital Innovation Experiment Design Competition hosted by NEODAWN was held online. Under the guidance of Prof. Wu Guanglu, undergraduate students Sun Yingkai and Liu Sunlin, along with PhD candidate Yang Tianyi, formed the team “Foldable” and participated in the “Flow Chemistry " section of the competition.

Farewell to Yuanchen and Wenchao

It is time for Shen Yuanchen and Xia Wenchao to graduate. On June 25 2023, we farewelled them at the Youth Dining Hall with well-prepared gifts. Since they joined the Guanglu Lab, they have given several wonderful presentations, which have broadened our horizons and stimulated a lot of thoughts and discussions, and Mr.

First team building in 2023

On March 24th, 2023, all members of Ganglu Lab celebrated our move into our new laboratory. We also welcomed a new member, Ze Xu, who received training as a synthetic chemist during his master’s program.

Moving to New Lab

After three years of the epidemic, all members of Guanglu Lab have returned to campus to begin a new term with a fresh approach to research and study. Our new laboratory and office are now ready for use, located in Zone C of the Tang Aoqing Building.

2023 New Year Blessings

2022 New Year Blessings

Supramolecular Karaoke 2021

Annual “Supramolecular Karaoke” was held by SKLSSM on December 29, 2021. More than 30 graduate students took the stage to entertain audiences by their beautiful voices, in the meanwhile, to release their pressure during research.

Welcome Fei Li and Ruiqi Wang! Guanglu Lab celebrates the National Day.

We welcome Fei Li and Ruiqi Wang to join our Lab as new master students. Fei Li got her bachelor’s degree at Shanxi Normal University, majoring in chemistry and materials science.

Online Literature Meeting

The back to campus time was postponed on account of the pandemic. We decided to meet each other online and let the science go on through a literature meeting. On 20th August, 2021, each member of Guanglu Lab introduced one perspective article from JACS.