New Member

Welcome to New Members of 2023

With the arrival of the new semester, our research group has welcomed a group of energetic and talented new students: Wang Zhengkang, Huang Kang, and Yang Meng. Their joining injected new motivation and creativity into the research group!

Welcome Fei Li and Ruiqi Wang! Guanglu Lab celebrates the National Day.

We welcome Fei Li and Ruiqi Wang to join our Lab as new master students. Fei Li got her bachelor’s degree at Shanxi Normal University, majoring in chemistry and materials science.

Welcome Huacheng

We welcome Huacheng Yu to join our lab for graduation program. Huacheng Yu is now a 4$^{th}$ undergraduate chem-majored student. His field is about the host-guest interaction between porous materials and dyes.

Welcome Wenchao Xia

We welcome Wenchao to join our lab for scientific training. Wenchao Xia is currently a sophomore majoring in materials chemistry. With interest in chemistry and related topics, he joined our lab to carry out research practice.

Welcome Yuanchen to join our lab

We welcome Chenyuan to join our lab for scientific training. Chenyuan Shen is currently a 2$^{nd}$ year undergraduate students in Chemistry. He is curious about how a research practise is carried out in a lab and would like to have a go as early as possible.