Online seminar on "Polymer Chemistry/Synthesis"

On 13$^{th}$, May, 2021, all members of Guanglu Lab watched the online seminar held by ACS Macro Letters. Three outstanding polymer chemists, Prof. Xi Zhang (Tsinghua University/Jilin University), Prof. Charlotte Williams (Oxford University), and Prof. Craig Hawker (UCSB) gave fantastic talks on their recent progress on “Polymer Chemistry/Synthesis”. All members enjoyed the talk, although they may not be used to different English accents.

Really appreicate enthusiasm of each member for join this event, as the event was held from 0am to 2am Beijing time.

Titles of the three talks:

Xi Zhang

Supramolecular Polymer Chemistry: Exemplified by Recyclable Cross-linked Supramolecular Polymers

Charlotte Williams

Exploiting Switchable Catalysis to Deliver Block Polyester and-carbonate Thermoplastic Elastomers and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Craig Hawker

Simpler, Faster and Better – Pushing the Limits of Polymer Synthesis

Ruiqi Wang
Ruiqi Wang
Master student (2021)

She is tolerant, good at communicating with others, and can patiently listen to others' thoughts and effectively enlighten.

Guanglu Wu
Guanglu Wu
Principal Investigator

Research interests: multi-component functional assemblies, noncovalent dimerization, supramolecular catalysis, and smart soft matter