CCS 2024

From June 15 to 18, 2024, the 34th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Chemical Society was held at the Baiyun International Conference Center in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Professor Wu Guanglu and four students from our Lab — Liu Jia, Qu Haoyuan, Xu Ze, and Li Fei — attended the conference. This meeting featured 70 academic sub-sessions, inviting outstanding chemists from various fields to give presentations and engage in in-depth exchanges with participating teachers and students.

During the conference, Professor Wu Guanglu gave a presentation in the “Physical Chemistry and Frontier Science and Technology” sub-session. The four students also attended several academic presentations in their respective research fields, gaining significant insights. Additionally, each student made and presented a poster, attracting many teachers and students for discussions, which provided inspiration and suggestions for each other’s work.

Participation in this conference not only facilitated academic exchanges and enhancement but also laid a solid foundation for future research collaborations, yielding fruitful results.

Guanglu Lab at CCS

(Drafted by Fei Li,reviewed by Guanglu)

Fei Li
Fei Li
PhD Candidate (2023)

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