Congratulations to Yingkai, Sunlin, and Tianyi for winning the Excellence Award in the Digital Innovation Experiment Design Competition

On July 15, 2023, the first Digital Innovation Experiment Design Competition hosted by NEODAWN was held online. Under the guidance of Prof. Wu Guanglu, undergraduate students Sun Yingkai and Liu Sunlin, along with PhD candidate Yang Tianyi, formed the team “Foldable” and participated in the “Flow Chemistry " section of the competition. They win the Excellence Award (Rank 2nd) in this competition.

The aim of this competition was to explore the application of digital intelligent chemistry through the use of flow chemistry technology. The team “Foldable” focused on supramolecular assembly system that can be folded and unfolded in a controllable manner. Yingkai developed a software program to enable the digital analysis of fluorescence images in real-time. They successfully demonstrated how to use flow chemistry technology to quantitatively measure the kinetics rate of the transformation between different assembly pathway.

(Drafted by Tianyi Yang and reviewed by Guanglu Wu)




Tianyi Yang
Tianyi Yang
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