Farewell to Yuanchen and Wenchao

It is time for Shen Yuanchen and Xia Wenchao to graduate. On June 25 2023, we farewelled them at the Youth Dining Hall with well-prepared gifts.

Since they joined the Guanglu Lab, they have given several wonderful presentations, which have broadened our horizons and stimulated a lot of thoughts and discussions, and Mr. Yuanchen has helped every student who needs help in the field of theoretical simulation as much as possible.

We will miss them and cherish the time we spent together. We wish them both have the best of luck in their future career!



(Drafted by Ruiqi Wang and reviewed by Guanglu Wu)

Ruiqi Wang
Ruiqi Wang
Master student (2021)

She is tolerant, good at communicating with others, and can patiently listen to others' thoughts and effectively enlighten.