Supramolecular Karaoke 2021

Annual “Supramolecular Karaoke” was held by SKLSSM on December 29, 2021. More than 30 graduate students took the stage to entertain audiences by their beautiful voices, in the meanwhile, to release their pressure during research. Audience also participated in the event by playing games in-between the singing. Several members from Guanglu lab also contribute to this event. Fei Li, $1^{st}$ year graduate student, helped chair the karaoke and warmly introduce each singer. She once served as a broadcaster for university radio station during undergraduate. Ruiqi Wang, another $1^{st}$ year student, was one of the 30 singers. She brought us a song called “Big Fish” and won a third prize on account of her splendid voice. Well done! We must also thank Tianyi Yang, who was one of the volunteers to organize this wonderful Karaoke. This is a wonderful ending for the 2021. We wish every member in Guanglu lab a fruitful year in 2022!



(Drafted by Yu Zhao,reviewed by Guanglu)

Yu Zhao
Yu Zhao
PhD Candidate (2022)

Full of love for life!