Online Literature Meeting

The back to campus time was postponed on account of the pandemic. We decided to meet each other online and let the science go on through a literature meeting. On 20th August, 2021, each member of Guanglu Lab introduced one perspective article from JACS.

Qu haoyuan gave a report on the role of solutes and solvents in supramolecules. Zhao Yu explained the development process of MOFs. Liu Jia gave an overview on the photochemical reactions of Electron Donor-Acceptors. Yang Tianyi introduced the structure-property relationship of dye molecules. Shen Yuanchen shared a paper about drug transport by CB.

There is a warm discussion above the cloud after each talk. Thank everyone for the wonderful exchange! In the end of the meeting, Guanglu emphasized the importance of self-protection against pandemic. He also encouraged everyone to keep on learning even at home. Wish everyone have a fruitful new term.

Lab above the cloud

(Written by Jia Liu, reviewed by Guanglu Wu)

Jia Liu
Jia Liu
PhD Candidate (2021)

Passionate, creative, optimistic and easy-going