Guanglu attended 2021 National Polymer Academic Paper Conference

From $22^{nd}$ to $26^{th}$ September 2021, Wu Guanglu attended the 2021 National Polymer Academic Paper Conference at China National Convention Center in Beijing. On $24^{th}$ he gave an invited talk at the “Polymer Young Scholars Forum”.

The National Polymer Academic Paper Conference, held every two years, is a major event in the polymer community. Thanks to the careful and thoughtful organization, the event was successfully carried out on-site and researchers eventually had a chance to communicate with each other face-to-face in spite of the challenge from pandemic.

There were more than 4,500 delegates and more than 4,200 contributions. This annual conference covers 23 topics including polymer chemistry, polymer physics, polymer materials, and biopolymer materials. Among them, new themes such as dynamic polymer materials, new elastomers and fibers, and polymer-based carbon materials reflect new trends in the development of polymer science.

(Drafted by Tianyi Yang, reviewed by Guanglu)

Tianyi Yang
Tianyi Yang
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