First team building in 2023

On March 24th, 2023, all members of Ganglu Lab celebrated our move into our new laboratory. We also welcomed a new member, Ze Xu, who received training as a synthetic chemist during his master’s program.

We had a great time at the all-in-one game center called T-Show Hall, where we played bumper cars, live Counter Strike, VR, and board games. Afterward, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Four-Seas-Hui Restaurant, where we savored the unique flavors of the food. The delicious meal catalyzed everyone to share funny stories from their lives and studies.

As we begin a new term in our new space, we wish everyone a productive and prosperous term!


(Drafted by Yu Zhao and reviewed by Guanglu)

Yu Zhao
Yu Zhao
PhD Candidate (2022)

Full of love for life!