Watch the online Nobel Laureate Lecture by Professor Jean-Marie Lehn

At 8pm, June 11, 2021, Prof. Xi Zhang invited all members of Guanglu lab to watch the online Nobel Laureate Lecture: “Supramolecular Chemistry towards Adaptive Chemistry”. The lecture was given by Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn from the University of Strasbourg, France, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987. Prof. Xiaoyu Cao from Xiamen University, Prof. Chengwei Qiu from National University of Singapore, and Prof. Xi Zhang from Jilin University joined the panel discussion after the speech. Dr. Yuqing Zheng from Stanford University attended the lecture as X challenger to raise critical questions for Lehn.

Known as “the father of supramolecular chemistry”, Lehn introduced the development of the field from original “supramolecular chemistry” to “combination dynamic chemistry”, and then to “adaptive chemistry”. During the speech, Prof. Xi Zhang and Dr. Guanglu Wu gave live comments for lab members, and explained the background and specific terms of relevant topics, which assisted students to catch up the lecture. In the end of the talk, Lehn left young scholars and students with three advices for their academic development:

  1. “Don’t miss the train”
  2. “Don’t get on a fully loaded ship”
  3. “To think perpendicularly”

After the event, Guanglu introduced each lab members to Xi. Xi was very happy and suggested take a group photo, namely, “three generations under one roof”.

three generations under one roof

(Written by Yu Zhao, reviewed by Guanglu Wu)

Yu Zhao
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