Molecular Engineering of Noncovalent Dimerization

Host–Guest Induced Peptide Folding with Sequence-Specific Structural Chirality

Supramolecular hydrogels prepared from fluorescent alkyl pyridinium acrylamide monomers and CB[8]

Quantitative Supramolecular Heterodimerization for Efficient Energy Transfer

Controlling the Structure and Photophysics of Fluorophore Dimers Using Multiple Cucurbit[8]uril Clampings

Host-Enhanced Phenyl-Perfluorophenyl Polar−π Interactions

Cucurbit[8]uril-mediated pseudo[2,3]rotaxanes

Oligopeptide-CB[8] complexation with switchable binding pathways

Modular supramolecular dimerization of optically tunable extended aryl viologens

Modulating stiffness with photo-switchable supramolecular hydrogels